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VIDEO: Spring is for the birds

Spring has sprung on Whitefish Island

You know how we always hear people talk about spring like it is this magical, beautiful time?

I mean sure it is, and the miracle of life is quite the spectacle. 

Mother Nature can be quite the show off but hear me out. Spring can be a little gross.

It is that special time of year when winter lifts the veil to reveal the many sins it's collected over the last few months.

All those times you neglected to pick up after your dog? All those cigarette butts you absentmindedly flicked, thinking "gone forever"?

It's all here now.

Rotting vegetation squnich and squonch underfoot as you make your way through the trails at Whitefish Island. Most of the ice has disappeared form the fast moving inlets.

Ducks rejoice, feasting on what I can only assume is this years unborn stock of mosquitos. 

Geese can be heard honking Duesenburg-like calls overhead.

Squirrels can be seen finishing off the last of their winter reserves, ready to begin the process anew. 

The snapping ice of the Soo Locks sounds like underwater gunshots as the ice melts and begins to break apart under its own weight.  

The sun's white light has cooled to a warm gold.

You take in the sunset from underneath an eerily quiet international bridge.

You are reminded that despite the lockdowns, missing friends and family, and the feelings of isolation, life marches on as it always has and always will. 

A reassuring comfort in these uncertain times.