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Winter is coming. Here’s how to stay safe on your commute

Get ready for winter with Total Tire
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Winter brings a chance for cold weather fun, like ice skating, tobogganing and cross country skiing. However, when the roads are covered with snow and ice, winter also brings the chance of a collision or being stranded in the snow. A well maintained vehicle and winter tires make a big difference in keeping you – and others – safer on winter roads.

Total Tire Sales & Service in Sault Ste. Marie has served the community for nearly 40 years. Through countless seasons the experienced team has helped drivers with brand name and aftermarket tires, accessories, and rims; auto repairs including exhaust, shocks, oil changes, suspension, and more; and general mechanic services like alignments and brake service. Total Tire is also a Ministry of Transportation certified inspection station.  

Here are Total Tire’s top three tips for a safer winter commute. 

  1. Invest in winter tires: Unlike all seasons, winter tires are formulated to grip the road better even during slippery conditions. This means much better collision avoidance and shorter stop/skid times. The effectiveness of winter tires has been well documented.
  2. Get a checkup: Vehicles need to be maintained. Consult the manual for the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Being proactive can catch worn out brake pads, unbalanced tires, sticky steering wheels and much more. Without maintenance, you could be stuck on the side of the road in freezing temperatures.
  3. Don’t ignore the oil change light: That blinking light with the oil symbol always seems to come on at the most inconvenient time! However, ignoring it can seriously compromise your engine. Oil is to your car what blood is to your body. Not only will dirty/sludge oil affect every part of your car’s engine and the lubrication of the vehicle’s moving parts, failure to keep up with your oil changes can void your warranty.

Total Tire will help you with all these tips, and more. It is your one-stop-shop for all the tire brands you know and love, including a wide variety of Cooper® tires. New and gently used tires are available. With hassle-free repairs and vehicle mechanic services also available, you can count on Total Tire to keep your vehicle in its best running condition. 

Remember, taking the time to get your winter tires put on by a professional, and properly maintaining your car, saves you time and money overall. It can even save your life. Total Tire is here for you this winter, and in every season. Visit their website to learn more.