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Effective ways to manage and reduce stress (Plus a FREE webinar)

How yoga and Fermented Herbal Formulas can help you build resilience

These days, everyone needs a game plan for managing physical and mental stress. 

Having an effective system in place ensures you can function at your best and are equipped to deal with the more challenging times life throws at us.

“Stress has become one of the main reasons people stop by The Country Way these days,” says Shonna Saari, the store’s owner and operator. “With the current situation that we are in, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for natural ways to combat stress and anxiety.”

Thankfully, several natural remedies can help. 

Rhodiola has long been known as an herb that supports physical and mental stamina. It has been used by Olympic athletes and even astronauts for its anti-stress, anti-fatigue effects. 

Holy Basil calms frazzled nerves and improves mental clarity and focus. 

Ashwagandha helps bring balance and harmony to the body. 

Turmeric promotes joint health and mobility and helps fight inflammation and oxidation. 

Milk thistle encourages detoxification, normalizing liver enzymes and liver function. 

Each of these can be found as part of the Alive Series line of activated herbals from Living Alchemy.

The Country Way will be offering a helpful free one-hour webinar on Thursday, November 19th, 2020 at 7 pm. The first half will be hosted by holistic health practitioner Irene Pauline, who will talk about some of the products from the Alive Series. The second half will be hosted by Sarah Fratesi, co-founder of The Healing Loft, who will lead a 30-minute anti-stress yoga class.

Sign up for the FREE webinar here

Yoga has proven to be an amazing and powerful tool for stress relief. “We are very excited to bring Irene Pauline and Sarah Fratesi together to help as many people as we can ease some of the stress and anxiety they may be experiencing during this difficult time,” says Saari.

“The combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits set yoga apart from other forms of exercise/movement,” says Fratesi. 

Regular yoga practice can help individuals connect with their breath, which is an incredibly useful tool for helping with self-regulation. It also helps you reduce pain, develop body awareness and cultivate mindfulness—the much-sought-after ability to truly experience life in the present moment. These are benefits yoga practitioners experience every day, and they can help to reduce and manage stress as it comes up.

Yoga is also very welcoming and non-competitive. “Yoga is truly a practice for everyone, regardless of age, ability, body type, mindset or experience,” says Fratesi. “There is no judgement, no competition and no expectation.”

Says Saari, “I hold a special place in my heart for those battling stress and anxiety, because I’ve been there myself. I have a deep desire to help those who are currently suffering.”

The Country Way is often referred to as “the place to go” for health and wellness advice in the community. Through good old-fashioned customer service and expertise, they provide customers with the confidence and comfort they need to enhance their health and wellness decisions. To learn more, call 705-949-1898.