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Harness the power of technology to boost your business and keep it secure

How the latest blend of tech and IT can help
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Security solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

As with most areas of our lives, technology plays a crucial part. When you add IT-based solutions into the mix, the results can be truly powerful. 

This innovative blend of technology and IT just won Sault Ste. Marie’s leading service provider, Norpro, an award for their integrated security solutions. Their experts use this hybrid to help safeguard your sales equipment, business supplies, and communications.  

If you’re considering security solutions for your business, here are the key components you’ll want to consider:


Look for a company that installs, monitors, and maintains state-of-the-art security cameras. These can be interior or exterior, wired or wireless. Cameras can be set up to include motion detection, 24/7 monitoring, and viewing on a mobile phone or tablet. Norpro even creates self-sufficient packages that are ideal for monitoring remote locations.

It’s important to realize that all camera systems are not created equal. Insist on full colour, high-quality images. There should be live monitoring, as well as remote backup provided. Service is also enhanced when the same company that installs your security system is the one that will respond to any alarms. 

Access Control

As a business owner, you need peace of mind. You want to know that your premises are secure and are only being accessed by authorized individuals. Access control systems allow you to track specific access cards, monitor individual access points and set manual access rules. They go well beyond simple logistics, with sensors that log all activity and can be monitored with live timestamps.

Cable Management

As you can imagine, all of these systems require a significant amount of cabling. Make sure the field technicians who’ll be installing your hardware take pride in providing clean, well-managed cabling. They should also be experts, able to update and upgrade any existing network infrastructure. The best will be able to diagnose any issues quickly and offer affordable repairs.

Point of Sale Services

Custom-made payment solutions are another growing area. Make sure your online orders and mobile tablets are secure. Before you choose a security solutions firm, check that they provide service and support for the hardware they supply. Ideally, the technologies they offer will integrate with your existing services, can connect unlimited devices, and are safe, efficient, and profitable.

Contactless Solutions

Now more than ever it’s important to have secure contactless payment solutions in place. Norpro has helped numerous local businesses be able to receive and fulfill orders online and through custom-made apps. This valuable service allows you to keep your business running through these challenging, ever-changing times. Look for contactless service and payment solutions for delivery, take-out, and table service. They should also be completely customizable and easy to update.

“Protecting our clients is our top priority,” says Allan Watson, AVP at Norpro. “Whether it’s security cameras with 24/7 monitoring or the creation of contactless payment methods, our services draw on 40 years’ expertise in security and technology to provide a range of solutions that protect businesses and optimize operations.”

Norpro provides an array of services, ranging from one-time security guards to packages that feature their full health, safety and security expertise. They are also the only company to offer installation, monitoring and maintenance. To learn more about their innovative security solutions, call 1-800-461-5114 or visit