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Zachary and Isaac aim to bring joy to others one driveway at a time

'We just wanted to help others, that simple'
2021-02-08 Zachary Richins Isaac Atwood
Zachary Richins (left) and Isaac Atwood (right) hope to help as many people as they can with shoveling until the end of the season.

Although this winter has been relatively mild compared to usual, if snow continues to fall the way it did last week, a lot of heavy-duty shovelling will be needed. 

It’s a good thing that 19-year-olds Zachary Richins and Isaac Atwood have decided to offer their own free snow shovelling service to anyone who needs it. 

Richins and Atwood both moved to the Sault recently from Warden, Wash. and Cardston, Alta., respectively, to serve as missionaries. 

“As missionaries, we get called to serve in different places, but we all have the same job, which is to serve and help others find lasting happiness and peace. Because of the pandemic, missionary work has changed a little to comply with the provincial restrictions,” Richins said. 

“We had been shovelling a few of our church members' driveways here, and they were very grateful. We wanted to brighten other people’s days the same way. I know there are a lot of people who can't move around like they used to. I just imagined my own grandparents living here and struggling to shovel their snow. We just wanted to help others, that simple.”

“We wanted people to look up and know that there are still good things happening and people still caring and showing love to those around them,” he said. 

For Atwood, he wanted to start this service simply because he loves bringing joy to others. 

“What better way to help people out than by shovelling driveways during winter. Especially during a global pandemic, people need a little hope and joy in their lives, so I just wanted to do my small part in that,” he said. “We wanted to shovel for free because doing an act of service for somebody shouldn't require anything in return. We should all strive to brighten someone’s day by showing small acts of love.”

Since moving to the Sault, Atwood has realized that the only way people will be able to cope with the pandemic is by working together no matter the circumstance. “We’re trying our best to help people that we don’t even know. That’s what it's all about, coming together as one,” he said. 

Richins and Atwood have already shovelled for a few people before the lockdown began, and they hope to continue the service once regulations are lifted. 

“We hope to help as many as we can. We will shovel all day if we have to. We hope to offer this service until the snow stops,” Atwood said. 

If you would like help with shovelling, you can reach Richins and Atwood by calling or texting 705-255-1914.