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VIDEO: St. Vincent Place in need of food donations

"Our store rooms have never been so bare," reads a post from the local men's shelter

SooToday reporters recently spoke with St. Vincent Place's Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator Sarah McCleary in regards to a social media post describing St.Vincent Place Men's shelters current food situation. 

"Our store rooms may have never been so bare." the post reads.

St. Vincent Place gathers food primarily through donation. Much of these donations come from church groups or fundraising events, but with restrictions on social gathering still in effect, many of these initiatives have been near impossible. 

Couple the shortage on donations with rising prices for food and an increase in unemployment and it becomes easy to see why things have been so difficult for an organization like St. Vincent Place. 

Since sounding a call for help yesterday, the shelter has seen a great deal of community support, including much needed food donations.

"The community really rallies around us when we do need the help," McCleary said. "A really big thank you to everyone who stepped up."

She anticipates there will be more donations to come. 

On Sept 25, St. Vincent Place staff will be coordinating a food drive.

If you'd like to make a donation, volunteer your time or host a food drive of your own visit the groups Facebook  or website to learn more.